Chapter 1: The Worst DayEdit

Ty was teasing Freddie and Jackie one day "Ty, Stop It... Your mom's coming" Shar said. Anne entered "They're coming!" Anne said "Remind me again. Who's Coming?" Freddie asked "Mr. And Mrs. Mason, They're coming to talk with mom about a mom's Job, Remember?" Ty said. "Oh Yeah." He said. "They arrived!!!! Tyler, Hurry!" Anne said. "Ok, Mom... Babies, Come here!" Tyler said, leading the babies to Shar's Room. 47 Mins And 32 Seconds after that. Tyler was passing through the Kitchen "Ty, Don't eat the Cake I've baked for Mr. and Mrs. Mason!" Anne said "Oh, Yeah, Mom... It sure looks delicious! He then whispered. He went to his room. But something else was there (Not Freddie!)

Chapter 2: Dobby's WarningEdit

"Who Are You?!" Tyler shouted "Mr. Tyler, I Am Dobby, A House Elf." Dobby said "Ok. Dobby, What are you doing here?" Tyler asked "Tyler must not go back to Birdwarts!" Dobby replied "Uh? Of Course I'm going!" Tyler replied. Shar entered "What's That?" Shar asked. Dobby was gonna answer, but Tyler did it instead "A Crazy House Elf named Dobby doesn't want to me to go to Birdwarts!" He said "Oh, Really? And tell me, why is it?" Shar asked Dobby "Terrible things are going to happen...." Dobby asked "Oh, hoho... Yeah, And who told you to tell us that?" Shar asked "The Family I worked fo-- Oh, No! -Dobby said- I shouldn't have said that! Bad Dobby, Bad Dobby!" He said while hitting his head on the closet. "All Right Dobby, Now SHUT UP!" Tyler Said. "Well... Sorry Mr. Tyler and Mrs. Tyler... But if you're going to Birdwarts, Then I'll have to do this" Dobby said, going out straightly to the kitchen, Levitating the Cake. "Oh, Darn..." Tyler and Shar said. The Cake was floating over Mrs. Mason's Head. Anne noticed the Cake "Yes. The Stocks are over your head... I Mean! Very Low. I Guess." Anne said nervously. When Shazam. Or Boom. Or Any other sound effect: The Cake fell on her head. *Awkward Silence Moment* "Franks.. Three words... You Are Fired." Mrs. Mason said. "Come on. Sweetie Let's Go." Mr. Mason said. "Ugh. Tyler?" Anne said. "Yes Mom." He said. "Could you Please Explain why did you do that?!" Anne shouted. "You won't get it..." Ty Said "I won't Get It?" She asked "No, Mom, Listen To Me." Ty said again "Oh, Respect Mr.! And if you don't like it, there's the street!" Anne Shouted "Fine! Living in the street is better!" Tyler said running to his room, to pack stuff and leave. "I'm going with you!" Shar said. "No, Shar.. I'll be at the Leaky Cauldron Two days before The Birdwarts Express Departs, K?" He said "Ok... Goodbye...." *Epic Cheek Goodbye Kiss*

Chapter 3: The Knight BusEdit

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